Powerful ingredients help your body clear out harmful toxin build up.


Our vegetable blends replenish your body. The balanced flavours taste amazing.


Help your body reset its clock. Find clarity in your inner and outer self.


Nourish your body and replenish your energy. Start each season with a new you.


Running on empty?
Refill your resources with clean energy.


Every single one of my recipes are made with love, created and bottled by hand.


Juices & Cleanses

The Gift Of Health

Gift Certificates


Gift certificates are available! Give the gift of health and wellness.

I offer gift certificates in any denomination, and am happy to consult with you on the ideal choice. Once you have given the gift certificate to the recipient, they can contact me to discuss the products or programs available. Together, we’ll design a perfect approach to your gift of health.

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Wow! I tasted your fresh pressed juice for the first time today. Unparalleled freshness and incredible blend of flavours. What a treat for the mouth and a boost of clean energy for the body! Bravo!

Wendy W

The energy behind Om My Goodness

Learn more about Laurel Lightbourn, creator of Om My Goodness.

My name is Laurel Lightbourn, and I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years. After running my own one-on-one private training studio in Toronto for a number of years, I decided to move with my daughter to the Sunshine Coast in BC and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of West Coast living.

Here on the coast I am the owner and operator of Suncoast Wellness where you will find me hosting a variety of customized wellness getaways offering my services as a massage practitioner, yoga instructor and facilitating interactive cooking classes for our corporate staff appreciation and team building experiences along with girlfriend getaways and elopement celebration packages.
Our partners include The Pointhouse, Tranquility Bay and The Treehouse Cottage so feel free to check out our All Inclusives & Workshops.

You can often find me also at Takahashi Gardens and The Tuwanek Hotel offering massage services and yoga classes upon request.

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